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Mek' It Talk - BR8 Racing

Mar 22, 2020

At a time when racing is paused and we invest time in our loved one, friends and family - BR8 Racing Media wanted to update you on what we have been up to.


Ellough Park experience.

Bike Maintenance.

Thank yous..

Parker Carb


amongst other things.


Mar 13, 2020

MEK' IT TALK S2 Ep7 ** BMB Paddock Guests**

We managed to catch up with Supermini Champion Jo Dickinson!! and his race support and 2 -stroke specialist Richard Slinn from Trick Tuning.

We also caught up with the main man James Mozzy Mozz tika !! :-)


Everything from the technical points of bike set up to more about...

Mar 11, 2020

Is there anything Steve Parrish can not do. 

Superstar on 2 wheels, 4 wheels and 6 wheels.

Best friend of the cult hero Barry Sheen - we had the pleasure 17years to the day from his passing to get his old friend on and understand the world of motorcycle racing as it was done in it's hay-day. 

Some hilarious stories...

Mar 6, 2020

He is back and tell us how things are after the big move to the top class!


Entertaining as even and insight into the world of BSB.